Florian Wiedner, M.Sc.

Research Associate
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Postal address

  • Institut für Informatik der
  • Technischen Universität München
  • Lehrstuhl I8
  • Boltzmannstr. 3
  • 85748 Garching bei München - Germany


Consultation hours

By arrangement


  • Low-latency Networking and measurements
  • Time Sensitive Networking
  • Large network measurements on virtualized hardware
  • Network services of the future
  • Measurements of routing protocols


  • since Winter 2020: Lab course iLab: Build your own Internet (organizer/advisor)

Supervised Theses


Title Type Advisors Year Links
Similarity Detection for Free-Text Input BA, IDP Lars Wüstrich, Florian Wiedner 2021 Pdf

In progress

Student Title Type Advisors Year Links
Stefan Lachnit Hardware Timestamping on 100G Network Cards IDP Sebastian Gallenmüller, Henning Stubbe, Florian Wiedner 2021
Michael Fraitzl Latency Evaluation of Software Switches BA Florian Wiedner, Sebastian Gallenmüller 2021 Pdf
Jakob Eigenmann Implementation of Network Traffic Models BA Kilian Holzinger, Florian Wiedner, Henning Stubbe 2021 Pdf
Samir El-Assal Scalable Virtual Network Topologies using SR-IOV BA Florian Wiedner, Benedikt Jaeger 2021 Pdf
Peter Bachmeier Analysis of Routing and Delay Properties in Time Sensitive Networking Scenarios BA Christoph Schwarzenberg, Florian Wiedner 2021
Mauricio Garrido High Precision Profiling of Network Paths BA Florian Wiedner, Max Helm 2021 Pdf
Jan Schopohl Asynchronous Traffic Shaping with Paternoster IDP Florian Wiedner, Christoph Schwarzenberg 2021 Pdf
Alexander Kranzer Algorithmus für Asynchrones Traffic Shaping in Time Sensitive Networking BA Florian Wiedner, Christoph Schwarzenberg 2021 Pdf


Author Title Type Advisors Year Links
Simon Ellmann Investigating effects of hardware isolation in high-speed network environments MA Paul Emmerich, Benedikt Jaeger, Florian Wiedner 2020
Felix Hsieh Virtualized networking BA Florian Wiedner, Benedikt Jaeger, Sebastian Gallenmüller 2020 Pdf
Markus Schacherbauer NUMA-aware Virtual Network Topologies Using SR-IOV BA Florian Wiedner, Benedikt Jaeger 2020


2021-05-01 Simon Bauer, Florian Wiedner, Benedikt Jaeger, Paul Emmerich, Georg Carle, “Scalable TCP Throughput Limitation Monitoring,” in 2021 IEEE/IFIP Symposium on Integrated Network and Service Management (IM 2021), Bordeaux, France (Virtual Conference), May 2021. [Pdf] [Bib]